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Psychic Readings By Angela

Chakra Healing Grid Magnetically and Psychically Heals:
The Aura, The Third Eye and All Seven Chakras.
Past Lives
Soul Memories, Health, Karma and You.
  • How do soul memories create physical and emotional problems in the present lifetime?
  • How are soul memories triggered and why?
  • How are soul ties and memories carried from one life into the next?
Just as we have genetic DNA that is carried down through generations, there is something analogous on the energy plane, which I refer to as "Spiritual DNA". Spiritual DNA is energy that carries the soul ties and memories from lifetime to lifetime. “Spiritual DNA” resides in the spiritual body, the primary energy body that forms the template for the other energy bodies that make up the aura, and eventually, the physical body. The physical body is formed by Genetic DNA and Spiritual DNA.
When trauma happens in the spiritual body, emotional and physical pain can occur. Emotional trauma from past lives can be carried into your present life and affect not just you, but the people you love. It can affect your marriage, your career and your relationships.
Have you ever felt that you have been unsuccessful with love, money, career or relationships, and cannot figure out why? You are carrying soul ties from past lives that can be spiritually interfering with your present life.
Tune into your heart, mind and spirit. Consult the stars, the cards, the stones or the spirits, with the help of one of our spiritual guides, or start your own journey to enlightenment. We have everything you need to discover your own personal map of the metaphysical world. Contact us today!
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Get in touch with your spiritual side, either through the help of our spiritualists, or get what you need to perform your own readings.


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Expert Troy, Michigan Psychic Services

Heal your mind and body with personal and spiritual readings from Angela at Tarot Card Reader & Advisor. For 25 years, Angela has provided her services and readings to, not only clients in Michigan, but around the world. She is a certified spiritual counselor (CSC) and is known to deliver fast results. With a 98 percent success rate, she has helped with many life experiences, including relationships, past, present and future memories, rejection, money, problems with spouses, family or friends, and many other self and life issues.

Psychic Reader and Advisor, Available for Private Parties & Events

Voted #1 Psychic in Michigan. This amazing psychic can:

  • Tell you the past - the way it was
  • Tell you the present - as it is
  • Tell you the future - as it will be
Are you interested in finding the key to unlocking a happy, successful life? Are you having doubts about your love life, or your career choice? For true and never-failing advice on these matters, call today!

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